Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Anyone Out There

My most recent long-term relationship lasted 10 years before ending somewhat abruptly.

Gotta admit, didn’t see it coming.

In the time that I was ‘off the market’ the dating game has changed. It’s so much easier to meet people when you’re younger because you’re at the age where you still go out to clubs every weekend. Fast forward a few years when most of your friends are married with children and what do you do? Unfortunately your options become limited as you get older.

In the modern world we turn to online dating! In theory it’s a great idea as you can exchange dozens of emails and text messages and spend hours chatting online before you meet each other. In a way modern technology allows us to get to know each other before actually meeting.

Of course the fact that someone appears smart and charming in an email doesn’t mean they’re won’t be lacking in humour and social skills in real life.

Even younger people are using technology for networking, rather than the old fashioned method of trawling through a bar or relying on friends. The online dating site that I joined has a lot of under 25s on it – so many in fact that the girl I sit next to at work signed up on the spot after I showed her a few pages of young men, and she’s only 24!

Of course since I was last on the dating scene the market has been flooded with dating books full of rules we’re supposed to follow to snare the perfect man. Whatever happened to ‘if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be’? Once and for all I’d like to know, is there really a three day rule? If so does it also apply to email? I thought if someone was interested in you they’d call, or in this day and age at least email, but I’m assured by the young ‘uns at work that the infamous three day rule is still in existence.

Not only do we have internet dating but now we have new addictions like blogging, MySpace and Facebook where we happily chat away to strangers we’ve met online. Any thoughts of spontaneously finding true love have evaporated faster than Britney’s underwear.

As for rules, I don’t follow them. Modern dating rules just leave me baffled – and there’s so many of them, not to mention they’re different rules for guys and girls.

My motto is ‘be yourself’. Worrying about rules just makes you anxious so it’s best to be honest and you can’t go wrong. Anything else will get found out later on anyway.

… and really, if it takes him three days to phone, email or text you then face it – he’s just not into you!

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