Monday, May 5, 2008

Last Chance on the Stairway

W.C Fields once said 'never work with children or animals' - now I know why!

My cat Ella has recently been sick and before her test results came back showing that she had a bacterial infection (it was a 50% chance it was going to be cancer) I decided that it would be nice to have a picture of me with her seeing as I don't have any photos of us together.

I took that thought process a step further and decided to take a photo with the dog as well. The planning was easy, I'd sit next to the dog and hold the camera in front of us and take a few snaps... or so I thought.

here we have a wet nose on the cheek

and a lick in the ear (and yes, it does feel disgusting).

I was about to give up when I decided to give the dog one last chance on the stairs - and finally a picture of us together, sadly I am minus the war paint so look completely washed out!

Ella completely refused to look at the camera so I ended up with lots of pictures of her with her head down or looking the other way.

I was about to admit defeat when I gave it one more try and finally got a picture of us together; of course Ella still isn't looking in the right direction and you can tell that I haven't even brushed my hair but at least I got a shot!

After I'd taken my pictures I decided for a couple of solo shots of Ella, but she was in no mood to comply!

this face is telling me to go away!

and just in case I didn't get the message, this facial expression makes it quite clear!

As they say, never work with children or animals!


Anonymous said...

That is a puddy tat with attitude

June said...

Aww, look at how pretty Sandy girl is! I'll have to bring Poncho down for another play-date!

And fat-Ella is cute too of course!