Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Of Those Days

When do you decide enough is enough? For years I’ve been labouring under the mistaken belief that because someone is family you should continually forgive their trespasses against you, well not anymore!!

After years of putting up with one of my brothers moods (he’s more temperamental than any hormonal woman I know) I’ve decided to walk away. I understand that we’re all different and there are bound to be times when we disagree with each other, family or not, but unfortunately he isn’t able to say ‘let’s agree to disagree’ and be adult about it. Instead you end up being on the receiving end of vitriolic diatribes that appear to gather steam as they progress – whether you choose to respond or not.

Last Sunday I had a seizure, for want of a better word, which was the third instance in 9 months that I've had one of these attacks. The first warning that something was amiss was my eye sight, which went all blurry, and at first I thought my monitor was on the blink as I had just sat down to check my email. Not long afterwards the phone rang and while I was talking to my dear friend Sandi over in Holland my speech became affected - I could picture an image in my head but I couldn't remember the word for it. In fact at one point I couldn't even remember my nieces names!

The third symptom was a numb feeling which started in my right fingertips and travelled all the way up to my top lip. I was trying to be calm, all the while trying to stretch the pins and needles out of my fingers, but at the back of my mind I was panicking in case I was having a stroke!

Poor Sandi is going to have a huge phone bill as we were on the phone for more than 90 minutes, I don't think she wanted to hang up until she was certain I was going to be okay!

A trip to the Doctors has confirmed that my blood pressure is way too high - and I now have to take medication, plus I have an appointment with a neurologist (of course the earliest appointment that I could get is 30 July) to see what's causing the problem with the blood flowing to my brain. As well as having to come off the pill I have to give up salt entirely, which is probably going to be the hardest part of all. No salt on my food.... how sad!

I am convinced that these attacks are caused, or brought on by stress, hence the decision to cease contact with my brother and his family. As sad as it makes me not to see some of my nieces the self preservation instinct has kicked in and it's time to say enough is enough!

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Anonymous said...

Hun what is it about us and brothers. Your health is not worth it. Mine is up to no good again and its draining. I'll blog it later