Sunday, May 25, 2008

Perfect Day

Yesterday was the 'Great Fete' at one of the local schools and despite the fact that I was meant to be working on my history assignment, which is due tomorrow (and yes, I should be working on it now), I decided to forfeit study time to spend some quality time with Madeleine and Mason.

Poor Mason is still a bit wary of his Aunty and he frequently gives me those 'what are you doing here' looks out of the corner of his eye, which are occasionally accompanied by real tears. Despite the wariness he still gives out lots of smiles and he is looking fantastic considering his operation was only done in April.

Mason; my beautiful nephew!

While we were walking around Maddy ran into her friend Shanna, which was good as they were able to go on the rides together. Unfortunately Maddy felt sick after 3 rides so the 'unlimited rides' armband didn't really get a proper workout!

Maddy and Shanna -looking a little uneasy!

Shanna and Maddy - spinning around!

After the rides were over with and the judo exhibitions and dance performances were finished there was still time to head into the 'Mash' tent for a plaster cast and sling!

Wonder how long it will take before she decides it's too itchy and wants it removed!

After the fete we headed back to Noel and Danielle's for afternoon tea - including the chocolate crackles that we bought at the fete!

An afternoon wouldn't be complete without some girly fun so Maddy painted my nails for me, a fetching shade of orange that will definitely be removed before work on Tuesday (I am responsible for the colour selection though), and then I returned the favour by painting hers with bright pink nail polish topped with glitter!

Glittery pink!

Now if only that history assignment would write itself!


Danielle said...

We had a lovely Day. The weather and the company was great.

A cuddle each time for Mason will help with those moments.

Study is just over rated!!!!!

June said...

Doesn't Mason look like Bella! You can see it more as he grows!