Thursday, June 12, 2008

Come Up And See Me (Make Me Smile)

Despite having recently given birth my friend Bel came into the city last Friday to have lunch with me.

I was thinking about how organised she'd have to be and the amount of stuff she'd have to carry as newborns seem to require a lot of stuff - and she has a one year old as well! Thankfully Bel's hubby Shane was still on leave so what I thought was going to be an horrendous train trip with two little 'uns was actually a less problematic car ride!

I hadn't seen Sienna for a few months and she's grown so much in that time, she now has the cutest little curls and the cheekiest grin! Jarvis is a cutie and like typical newborns he's all pink and squishy just like a baby should be!

I have to say Bel's hubby Shane is one of the most laid-back people I have ever met, he just oozes calm, and Bel is pretty relaxed too so they're good people to be around. When I wanted to pick up a dog from the animal rescue - a 6-hour round trip - Bel and Shane volunteered to take me as I don't drive. Not only did we have a good day out but I came home with Sandy so the trip was worthwhile.

Sadly, no matter how many times I ask Shane he doesn't seem to be able to conjure up an older, single brother for me so I'll have to settle for setting up Sandy with their dog Scooby as she loves her 'play-dates' with him!

Sienna in August last year

Sienna 2008

Jarvis Connor; the lovely new addition

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