Saturday, June 28, 2008

Drug (It's Just A State Of Mind)

Anyone who read my blog entry Still Breathing will know that anytime I have a medical procedure there is a drama - and my trans-oesophageal echocardiograph proved to be no different!

After being caught out previously, with unshaven legs and a shabby bra, I was prepared this time to make a good impression, or so I thought. It turns out clothes aren't needed for this type of test as you get to wear a fetching one-size-fits-all gown, which felt like it was made out of paper. Nice!

After waiting for more than 2 hours for the Doctor to arrive, that's right he wasn't even on the premises - despite having 3 people booked in for the procedure, I then had to go through the pain of a nurse having trouble inserting the cannula into my arm - so much so she had to swap sides! I have to say as far as veins go mine are great. In fact, nurses have previously commented on how easy it is to insert the needle, so her difficulty was a little frustrating... and very painful.

Finally the cannula was in so the Doctor commenced the procedure with a Doppler ultrasound. Sounded easy enough until he pressed the end of the ultrasound thingy ('fraid I don't know the medical terminology for this one) into me so hard I almost cried. It got even better when people kept coming and going from the room leaving the curtain open - so much for privacy! Of course that's exactly how I want people to see me - laying topless on a hospital gurney with a Doctor lifting my breast so that he could push an ultrasound thingy into me until it almost made me cry... NOT!

Following that pleasant procedure I was given a mouthful of anaesthetic via a syringe, which I had to hold in the back of my throat for a few minutes, but despite their warnings it wasn't as bad as I expected. A few minutes later I was given the sedative and told you won't remember a thing. Oh really? Think you might be wrong there!

A little while later, and I'm guessing it wasn't long after the procedure commenced, I woke up feeling like I was suffocating so I pulled the tube out! The tube was again inserted but it wasn't long before it felt like someone had their hand over my mouth and nose and I couldn' t breath so I did the only thing that I could think of... I pulled the tube out again - and apparently hit someone in the process! I'm not aware of this incident but they told my brother when he came to collect me so I assume I accidentally hit someone when I was flailing my arms about trying to pull the probe out.

It was at this point that time was called on the procedure, a wise decision, as it was clear that it was pointless to continue and I was left alone for a few minutes to wake up. While I didn't see the Doctor after the procedure the anaesthetist apologised and told me that I hadn't been sedated enough for the procedure, however they did manage to find out that there's no hole in my heart (PFO)- which is the main thing they were looking for - so at least there was some good news after all the trauma.

I was given a copy of the report, which was sent to my Doctor, and it reads "Limited study. patient kept pulling the probe out despite adequate sedation. Bubble study not performed. I could not see the thoracic aorta because the patient pulled the probe out. No evidence of Patent Foramen Ovale (PFO). Left Ventricle normal size, normal systolic function". Can't wait to see what my Doctor says - I hope she doesn't order more tests! The lesson here is next time I have to be knocked out they need to use more drugs!!!

In the meantime I continue with my blood pressure tablets and blood thinners...

After a stressful few days (end of financial year is always stressful at work) I am going to end today's entry with something happy - some new pictures of Mason!

Noel, Danielle, Mason and I (no Maddy as she was at a sleepover) had dinner at my Mum's place tonight (she bought a roast and insisted I cook it for her - despite knowing I am a vegetarian, thanks Mum) and I think my stepfather was happy to have company - he certainly loves Mason!

Danielle had dressed Mason in the cutest handmade stripey outfit that a friend had made for her and he looked adorable in it. Apologies for the quality of the photos, as they were taken on my phone in poor light, but I just had to have a picture of him!

Inspecting the dummy case

Checking out what his Dad is doing!


Anonymous said...

OMG the drugs didn't work!

Mason is cute!!!!

Anonymous said...

CJ, the lesson here is simple. Don't get sick and never have any more procedures! There problem solved right....... Stumpy