Saturday, June 14, 2008

Interlude One

I am the first to admit that time management is not my forte! At the moment I am combining part time study with full time employment, which includes a 2-hour each way commute, and at times I find it incredibly difficult.

When it comes to getting to work on time I don't have a problem; the alarm goes off at 5am and by 5.05am I am already in the shower, albeit still half asleep! However, when it comes to dedicating time to study its another matter entirely!

I always have a plan in my mind of how I am going to get through the coursework and what hours will be spent reading and writing up assignments but it never goes according to plan and my assignments end up either being submitted at the last minute (after staying up until the wee hours of the morning to finish them) or a few days late! Most of the time it is my own fault however, there are occasions when I can't quite get through to the parents that being home doesn't mean I am free to entertain visitors for hours on end.

This semester I really enjoyed the coursework more than I have in the past, thanks to studying Chaucer and Shakespeare, and its renewed my interest in studying as I was starting to flag a bit (probably due to not doing so well in history).

Having sat my end of semester exams last week I have now chosen my subjects for next semester I am determined that I will be organised. Despite being on a 4-week break I have already started reading some of the required texts as I want to be prepared for my first assignment!

Now if I can just get it through to the various sets of parents that study leave doesn't mean I have a 'day off' work then I really shouldn't have any time management problems anymore!

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