Saturday, June 21, 2008

Stop Dead

I am not the sort of person who does things in a hurry. I can think of nothing worse than sculling a hot cup of tea before I leave for work in the morning because I'm rushing; I much prefer to have breakfast at work where I can actually taste the tea rather than drinking it in one gulp.

A work associate commented that she thought it was odd that people chose to have breakfast at work rather than at home, but then she doesn't get up at 5am like a lot of us do. I've also noticed that she's the sort of person who always seems to be hurrying, even if it's just to the photocopier! Not only is she a master stopping at lunch time just long enough for a 'quick bite' of something to eat but even her speech is to the point - there's no time for idle chatter or a 'how was your weekend' conversation as she tells you what you need to know and little else.

Last night my evening commute took over 5 hours, instead of the usual 2ish, due to a fatality on the rail line after a car accidentally crashed through a fence and hit a train. It ended up taking me 3 trains and 2 buses to get to my station where my lovely neighbour was waiting for me. Every time we had to change trains or buses the commuters grumbled and whinged about how late it was going to be when they got home - as if the railway had deliberately cancelled trains just to annoy the passengers!!

I was hoping to watch the football when I got home as the Dragons were the televised game but that small pleasure was ruined by some yobbo behind me on the bus who kept yelling out the scores 'for anyone who can't wait until they get home'. My journey home was long and I was thankful that it was a Friday so I could sleep in this morning but it wasn't stressful because I don't suffer from the 'instant gratification' epidemic that seems to be everywhere.

More importantly I did come home last night and the poor man who caused the delay on the rail line didn't. Nobody on the train or bus last night seemed concerned that a family is now grieving for a loved one and I'm pretty sure I'm the only person who looked the other way when we drove past the scene of the accident - people couldn't get out of their seats quick enough to get a look out of the window.

We need to slow down, have a cup of tea and relax! Life is for living, so enjoy it!

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Anonymous said...

I think this post has the same meaning as the previous one - make the most of every moment while you can!

I had a chuckle at the people on the bus for ruining the football for you as I normally do that to my hubby, by accident of course!

Take care