Monday, June 16, 2008

Winter Marches On

It was a rather chilly winter day today - for Australia that is - and the reason I've added that statement is because I am sure my friends overseas will think 10 degrees is quite warm for a winter's day but to us it was quite cool, especially when the wind picked up.

Nevertheless my Mother really wanted us (my brother and his family plus myself) to go to the church fete. Seeing as I have resisted all attempts to actually go to church with her it seemed like a decent compromise.

When the sun was out the weather was actually bearable but as soon as it hid behind the clouds it was pretty dreadful so we didn't actually stay for very long; just long enough for Mum to introduce us to the Minister and for Madeleine to have some cuddles in the baby-animal enclosure.

A rugged up Mason looking as cute as ever!

After we left the fete we went back to Mum's place to play a board game, which Madeleine loves to do and it's a good family activity.

Unfortunately my stepfathers dementia has progressed dramatically in the last few weeks and the deterioration is shocking in regards to the speed in which it's happening. My Mother still hasn't accepted the fact that he will have to go into care eventually, although I think she has finally realised that he isn't going to get better.

On most days he confuses her with a carer and he has trouble eating and speaking and today he called me into the bedroom to show me a snake, which of course wasn't there. It's such a bloody cruel disease and it makes me sad that someone who was once so vibrant is reduced to being a shell of the person they once were. The only saving grace is that his moments of lucidity are rarer and soon he won't even realise there is a difference between who he is now and who he once was. It does of course make moments like today more important, especially for Mum who needs all the support she can get.

Taken moments before Noel was declared the winner!

Madeleine having cuddles with Mason

The boys of the family; Noel and Mason

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Anonymous said...

Dementia is such a cruel disease - but at least you are making the most of the time you all have together as nothing can replace family.

I wish you well