Sunday, July 20, 2008

All She Wants Is... (to see Thirsty Merc)

Unfortunately I embarrass easily and sometimes the fear of embarrassment stops me from doing things I want to do - like going to see a band perform by myself!

All last week I tried to find someone to come with me to see Aussie rock band Thirsty Merc to no avail. Not only were they performing at my local club but they're about to go and record their third album so they won't be touring again for ages so I just *had* to see them live!

After the begging and pleading failed I realised I was either going to miss out on the show or go by myself, neither was an option I was happy with so I made a deal with myself that if there were tickets available on the day of the show I'd go by myself and if it was sold out then it wasn't meant to be.

Guess what my friends? There were still a few tickets left for sale (although by the afternoon it had sold out) so I bought my ticket over the phone and spent the whole day fretting about it!

A couple of my friends told me they'd been to concerts by themselves and I'd have a good time anyway but I was dubious about that right up until the doors opened! As it turns out I got chatting to a lovely couple who have just moved to the area and were on their first night out together since relocating from Sydney.

Despite feeling like a Neville-no-mates before leaving home I didn't spend more than 5 minutes by myself and I had a brilliant night - and even exchanged email addresses with my new friends!

Sometimes Wollongong cops a bagging for being in the sticks but I have to say the crowd at the gig were so enthusiastic even the support acts had a full dance floor of people, which is pretty rare as a lot of people only turn up for the main event! I've been to a lot of shows at clubs where there are tables right up to the front of the stage, which kills the atmosphere as there is no place to dance or jump around like an idiot (of course I'm not referring to myself in that instance), but thankfully on Friday night the tables had been moved to the back of the venue so people were really able to enjoy themselves!

Rai, Sean, Phil & Karl - meeting the happy punters after the gig!

Rai and a very happy fan!

I may not have had anyone to take a photo of me with the band but at least I got a CD signed!

While the boys do some killer rock songs they can also do beautiful ballads - multi talented I say! This is an acoustic version of 20 Good Reasons, which I think is beautiful.

So all in all I had a brilliant night and not a hint of embarrassment! Next time someone is playing at the club I won't hesitate to go by myself, and who knows I might make even more friends!

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