Tuesday, July 15, 2008


The 7th of July was Belle's birthday; she would have been 6.

It's hard following your normal routine when your mind is full of questions... why did it happen to us, what would she look like, what would her interests be???

The only thing we can do is honour the beautiful soul that she was so family and friends spent Belle's sixth birthday at the local animal park - just what a six year old would want to do on their birthday!


Belle's friend Inari

Tassie Devil

Ashanti the meercat

Meercat Lisa

Hungry Deer

Maddy feeding the deer

An inquisitive Llama

The Crocs

Lazy Kangaroo's sunning themselves

A koala doing what koala's do best... sleeping!

So while the day was hard we kept ourselves busy and it ended up being better than it could have been, though we all missed Belle who was constantly in our thoughts.

Our lovely Bella; forever 3

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