Saturday, July 26, 2008

Pop Trash Movie

The weeks ahead are going to be hard for us as my stepfathers illness is progressing rapidly. Bob used to fluctuate between knowing who Mum is and confusing her for a nurse but the lucid moments seem to have disappeared completely and he often asks her 'do I know you' or 'what time does your shift start'?

With Lewy Bodies the nights are worse than the daytime as he often hallucinates, sometimes that there's snakes or giant flies in the room, but the hardest bit is that he pleads with Mum to take him home so he can go back to his wife.

Anyone who has dealt with dementia knows that it is a cruel disease and Lewy Bodies is even worse. For my mother it's like looking after a baby as she has to shower and dress Bob and even feed him sometimes, and yet she never complains or says she doesn't want to do it any more. In fact it's exactly the opposite, when we mention putting Bob in a home (which two Doctors have advised), she refuses and says she would rather keep him at home and look after him herself.

This morning my niece Madeleine went for a walk with Bob in the garden and I was so proud of her as she is only 9. Some of my older nieces are staying away as they feel scared or uncomfortable as they can't understand what Bob is saying and they don't know what to say back - but not Madeleine! Beautiful Miss Madeleine didn't pull away when he took her outside and whether Bob knew who she was or not is irrelevant as she spent time with him, which is exactly what he wanted and needed.

Earlier this evening Madeleine and her friend Martha watched the new Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus live concert TV special, which was in 3D! I imagine a lot of households in Australia with pre-teen girls would have been watching the same thing as it was talked about by young girls everywhere - in fact my neighbour asked me to tape it for his daughters as they don't have that channel and they didn't want to miss out!

And just to keep the kids watching the same channel the concert was played again immediately afterwards, sans 3D. I bet it won't be long before its released on DVD!

Madeleine and Martha watching Hannah Montana in 3D

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Anonymous said...

Hannah Montana fever is everywhere! Little girls just love her don't they!

Your niece sure looks cute in her
3D glasses. I am sure its nice for you to have some happy family time after all the stress of dealing with your Dads illness.

Keep your chin up.