Monday, August 25, 2008

Read My Lips

At the risk of offending half the female population I'm going to admit something huge... I'm not a fan of Sex and the City. There. I've said it!

I tried watching a couple of episodes but listening to some of the conversations they had with each other just made me cringe! I'd like to think I'm no prudey-prude-from-prudesville, however when a friend tries to discus their sex life with me I have to resist the urge to cover my ears whilst singing la-la-la-la-la so I can't hear them. I'm not interested in any sort of sex and the city style relationship with my friends.

So it's a strange thing for me to have people suddenly asking personal questions about the new man in my life. Questions such as: 'Did you have sex? How many times? Has he stayed over yet? So are you shaving your legs now? WTF!!!! Just for the record, whilst I was single for some time I wasn't living in a cave and I have always maintained a healthy relationship with a razor blade however all blush-inducing questions will not be answered, so please refrain from asking them!!

I was trying to keep Aaron a secret from my Mother, lest she book a church and buy a mother of the bride outfit before I'd even been on date number 2, however that woman has a freakish ability of finding out the truth. The only thing worse than having friends ask you personal questions is having your Mother ask them - talk about feeling uncomfortable!

On the other hand my other mother, yes there's two of them (technically 3 but that's way too confusing for people), is so excited at the possibility of me not becoming an old spinster that she hasn't asked me a thing. In fact I was on the phone to her tonight when Aaron arrived and she couldn't get off the phone fast enough - I think the conversation went something like "Oh-I'd-better-let-you-go-now-I'll-talk-to-you-in-a-couple-of-days-time-have-a-good-night-
bye-then" no pause, no waiting for me to say goodbye, just the sound of a dial tone in my ear.

It seems like for once I'm not the one questioning my life. What a nice change.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank You

Today is my birthday, or should that be was my birthday seeing as there are only 4 minutes of the day left!

I had a good day, in fact I had a great day! The sun shined all day, there was cake, in fact there were two cakes, the post brought loads of cards, my cornflakes weren't soggy, I didn't miss my train, I wasn't late for work, I got lots of presents, I was given a flower, I had lunch in the pub with friends, I had dinner with family, somebody told me they loved me, in fact lots of people told me they loved me and I had a very happy birthday!

A surprise cake from my commuting friends!

Mason John, recovering from major operation No 2

A birthday present from Maddy - can you believe she did this and she is only 1o

My lovely niece Alice, who wrote my name on the envelope herself and her own name inside the birthday card - clever girl!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Promise

The past two weeks have been chaotic and there have been times when I have felt like I was on a continual roller coaster that wouldn't slow down to let me get off!

I've had visitors, a concert (Brian McFadden again), a scrapbooking party, trips to the hospital to see my stepfather, evenings spent studying and reading coursework, visiting my nephew Mason after his second major operation and the Olympics to watch. Oh and I forgot to mention the new relationship as well! Yes, that's right, I did say a new relationship!!!

There is a young guy named Aaron that lives on the opposite side of the street to me who until recently has been known by various names among my friends, such as 'cute guy across the road', 'semi-naked guy across the road' (gotta love hot summer days!) 'your boyfriend across the road' (evidently the recurring theme here is that they had to end in 'across the road') until we finally settled on 'Mickey' (my young niece swore she saw him carrying a pillow with Mickey Mouse on it and the name stuck), ie. 'Mickey's mowing the lawn' or ' I saw Mickey at the bus stop today' etc.

Due to a little bit of match making from my friend Derek Aaron finally asked me out - and I said yes! The plan was to go out for coffee later in the week, however he returned an hour later to say he couldn't wait that long and could we go out that night, of course I agreed although I did think to myself it's taken you two years to ask me out and suddenly you can't wait another two days!!!

We've only seen each other four or five times so far but I have promised myself I will not stress about the 12-year age difference (every woman should have a toy boy at least once in her life) and I will not over think things either!

If he turns out to be Mr Right-Now rather than Mr Right then that's fine as I may not know my destination but I'll enjoy the journey anyway. So that's my promise to myself, to not worry about what other people say or think but to take each day one step at a time.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

To The Shore

This week has been another of those weeks that seem like they're never going to end! I stayed at my Mum's on Tuesday night as she's exhausted from looking after my stepfather Bob and needed some support (and company).

On Wednesday morning it was apparent that Bob wasn't very well so Mum called an ambulance but was dithering about whether to send Bob to hospital or 'wait and see' whether his health improved. I felt he needed to be seen by a Doctor and once I mentioned going to hospital he agreed that it was the right thing to do.

That afternoon I had my follow-up appointment with my neurologist and he gave me the all clear on my heart and MRI tests, although they detected that I have Factor V Leiden, which is a specific mutation that results in thrombophilia, or an increased tendency to form abnormal blood clots in blood vessels. I was pretty happy the tests and scans were all clear and I don't have to see the neurologist again until next February.

Thursday and Friday was just work, work, work and then yesterday afternoon we went to visit Bob at the hospital, one that supposedly specialises in geriatric care, and what I saw there made me wonder whether I'd done the right thing! In the few short days since Bob has been admitted his health has deteriorated to such a degree that if he is left in that hospital he won't be with us for Christmas! The poor thing is strapped in a chair after his morning shower and they leave him there all day, other than the occasional toilet break. We saw the other residents sitting at the table eating their evening meal yet they left Bob strapped in his chair - I have no idea why as he's been eating at the table right up until the day he was admitted to hospital!

When Bob said he was tired and wanted a nap the nurse said they prefer to keep him awake as they want him to sleep at night! Mum tried to explain that at home he was having 3 or 4 naps during the day and still sleeping at night but they still kept him strapped in the chair. Personally I can't sit in the same position for more than 30 minutes before I get uncomfortable and have to move so I can only imagine the discomfort he must be in! When Mum told me that she was going to bring Bob home tomorrow I was relieved as he is not getting proper care at that hospital!

Today is my sister in law's birthday and she decided that since it was a beautiful day she wanted to spend it by the lake! The Lake is the one thing I really like about where I live as it has a bike/walking track right around it, a great play area for kids and a fantastic chip shop across the road! In summer I take my dog with me and she loves 'meeting' other dogs along the walking track, however today was a canine free day.

After Madeleine had played on the swings and climbing equipment, and we'd had our fill of hot chips we decided to walk around the Lake and on to one of the piers before heading home for some of Danielle's delicious home-made slice.

What 9 year olds do when you give them your camera

Maddy on the pier

Mason, starting to sit up by himself!

What a cutie!

In the afternoon Danielle's friends called in with a home-made birthday cake, which is always a winner, so there was cake (yes, more food) and tea all round!

When there are kids involved you always have to blow out the candles at least twice!

I did notice there were somewhat less than 31 candles on the cake but sshh, I won't tell anyone though!

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Keep Me In The Dark

Last night the Illawarra region had a 'Severe Weather Warning (Locally Damaging Winds) with cold, strong southwesterly winds 20/25 knots, increasing to 30/40 knots during the afternoon, Sea: Up to 4.0 m Swell.'

By 8.30pm we had lost power and although it came back on around 11pm it was gone again by midnight, and this time the blackout lasted at least 6 hours.

Normally blackouts don't bother me but the sound of the wind howling through the trees really unnerved me so I had candles lit throughout the lounge, dining and kitchen - I would have had them in every room but it's probably not smart to leave burning candles unattended so I settled for having them in rooms that I was occupying.

I decided to watch a DVD during the blackout but of course the battery on my portable DVD player was flat so I had to settle for reading a book by candlelight, how very old fashioned of me! I was gasping for a cup of tea when I remembered that my Mum bought me a portable gas cooker a few years ago, after we'd had a blackout lasting more than 36 hours, so I dusted it off and to my amazement it still worked so I was able to have a hot drink after all!

Besides the noise of the wind - and things being blown around and knocked over - my other major issue was the drop in temperature as no power = no heater or electric blanket!

I knew the gale-force winds were going to stick around for a while so I decided to go to bed. As soon as I blew out all the candles I realised I had forgotten to take my medication, which I take every night before going to bed. I had used all the matches lighting the candles so I felt around for the tablets as they were laid out on the kitchen bench. As I swallowed each tablet I counted them off in my head; one = blood pressure, two = aspirin, three = vitamin D, four.... what's number four? That's when I realised I had just swallowed the cats antibiotic!

I debated phoning the vet to ask whether I should be worried but decided against it as there are two vets, known to my friends and I as 'cute vet' and 'old vet', and I'm pretty sure 'cute vet' already thinks I'm an idiot so there's no need to reinforce that opinion and if 'old vet' doesn't think I'm an idiot then I don't want to do anything to change his mind! As it happens I survived the night so in the end there's been no harm done, except to Ella who missed out on her tablet!

I'm pleased to say that despite the strength of the wind my house remained intact, although a side gate was blown over and is now broken and a passion fruit vine was damaged. This morning several trucks arrived in the street and promptly started cutting down damaged branches and trees, especially those that are near power lines. Hopefully though, it will be a while before we have another blackout or storm!

The wind is still strong enough to make my palm trees sway in the breeze!

Trimming the trees

Where there's boiling water, there's a cup of tea!