Monday, August 25, 2008

Read My Lips

At the risk of offending half the female population I'm going to admit something huge... I'm not a fan of Sex and the City. There. I've said it!

I tried watching a couple of episodes but listening to some of the conversations they had with each other just made me cringe! I'd like to think I'm no prudey-prude-from-prudesville, however when a friend tries to discus their sex life with me I have to resist the urge to cover my ears whilst singing la-la-la-la-la so I can't hear them. I'm not interested in any sort of sex and the city style relationship with my friends.

So it's a strange thing for me to have people suddenly asking personal questions about the new man in my life. Questions such as: 'Did you have sex? How many times? Has he stayed over yet? So are you shaving your legs now? WTF!!!! Just for the record, whilst I was single for some time I wasn't living in a cave and I have always maintained a healthy relationship with a razor blade however all blush-inducing questions will not be answered, so please refrain from asking them!!

I was trying to keep Aaron a secret from my Mother, lest she book a church and buy a mother of the bride outfit before I'd even been on date number 2, however that woman has a freakish ability of finding out the truth. The only thing worse than having friends ask you personal questions is having your Mother ask them - talk about feeling uncomfortable!

On the other hand my other mother, yes there's two of them (technically 3 but that's way too confusing for people), is so excited at the possibility of me not becoming an old spinster that she hasn't asked me a thing. In fact I was on the phone to her tonight when Aaron arrived and she couldn't get off the phone fast enough - I think the conversation went something like "Oh-I'd-better-let-you-go-now-I'll-talk-to-you-in-a-couple-of-days-time-have-a-good-night-
bye-then" no pause, no waiting for me to say goodbye, just the sound of a dial tone in my ear.

It seems like for once I'm not the one questioning my life. What a nice change.


Anonymous said...

Ok I get the hint no questions about Mickey! But you shouldn't be so selfish, how are we supposed to live our lives precariuosly through yours if you don't share! Well ok. So we have to stop. So what does the mother of the bride dress look like? Post photos so we know what the theme will be like!

Carolyn said...

Don't you mean vicariously?

My point is that some questions are a tad too personal for me to answer, everything else is fine!

As for the mother of the bride outfit - don't even joke about it, in her own mind she's probably already got me married off and pregnant.


Demara said...

haha that's so funny!
I can't believe people would ask you such detailed questions.
have you shaved your legs?
bahahaha, wth?
I say, the man, should accept you just the way you are! Shaved or not!!!
side note:
I totally understand the whole 3 mothers thing, although for me it's 3 and 3 (3moms AND 3dads), now THAT'S confusing!

Anonymous said...

Wahey another person who doesn't get Sex and the City........

as for any weddings, just give some us due notice (ie a year or so) so that we can get the cash together to come out and share your day........even if you eventually marry when you are 50....some of us want to be there!!!