Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Thank You

Today is my birthday, or should that be was my birthday seeing as there are only 4 minutes of the day left!

I had a good day, in fact I had a great day! The sun shined all day, there was cake, in fact there were two cakes, the post brought loads of cards, my cornflakes weren't soggy, I didn't miss my train, I wasn't late for work, I got lots of presents, I was given a flower, I had lunch in the pub with friends, I had dinner with family, somebody told me they loved me, in fact lots of people told me they loved me and I had a very happy birthday!

A surprise cake from my commuting friends!

Mason John, recovering from major operation No 2

A birthday present from Maddy - can you believe she did this and she is only 1o

My lovely niece Alice, who wrote my name on the envelope herself and her own name inside the birthday card - clever girl!


Anonymous said...

In the name of God, that pic is fantastic!

And had another look at your cake -I still can't believe it - what a lovely thing for them to do for you - we've got to get a sitcom script out of this!


Demara said...

That was an incredible piece of art by a 10 year old. yikers!
And the writing of your name haha and her own was so cute!

again, I'm from Facebook

come by and visit too if you like, the door is always open. (: