Thursday, September 11, 2008

Box Full O' Honey

Last Sunday was Fathers Day. I was invited to my brother Noel's place - the plan was to help Noel and Danielle pack in the morning, as they are moving in 4 weeks time - and then our Dad was coming over for lunch.

I was wondering beforehand how stressful the day was going to be, every day without Belle is a difficult one but on a special occasion like Fathers Day it must be even worse for Noel and Danielle to have one of their children 'missing', but to their credit they seemed to do okay (at least while we were around).

Of course having Madeleine and Mason around makes all the difference as they are 2 absolutely delightful children, and yes I am biased because I am their Aunty but that doesn't mean what I'm saying isn't true!

Maddy made a gorgeous card for her Dad (and Grandad) while Mason either drooled on or screwed up the card Danielle was trying to make for Noel - he just refused to let her trace around his hand! There was also a few light-hearted moments, particularly when Maddy dropped a rather large box on her fathers leg and then giggled when he yelped with pain - of course he recovered quickly when he realised it was a Wii fitness - a pretty sweet Fathers Day present!

Mason and Noel reading Maddy's card

As I am taller than Danielle she asked me to clear out the top shelves of the wardrobes in 2 of the bedrooms, which I did by putting everything on the bedroom floor to be sorted through, but once my Dad arrived any chance of packing went out the window - which basically means all I did was make a mess!! Not sure I'll be asked to help out again!

Despite my earlier concerns we had a good day, as best as possible under the circumstances and the Wii fitness that Noel was given for Fathers Day was a hit with Maddy as well so I suspect there's now going to be some rivalry between the two of them!

Maddy, Mason and Noel

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