Sunday, September 14, 2008

Careless Memories

I love the internet! I love wasting time, when I have it to waste, amusing myself with useless videos on youtube or reading random blogs here at Blogspot. Not everything I do on the net is a total waste of time though as I've recently been in contact with friends from my school days via Facebook.

Last night I met up with 2 of those friends and we had a brilliant night! When you haven't seen someone for so long you start to panic beforehand - what will we talk about?, will I even recognise them?... Thankfully the conversation flowed all night - as did the wine, but that's another story - and we even paid a visit to a club we used to go to all the time - only to discover it has been boarded up and graffiti'd over!

Caz and Kel - circa 1984

Carolyn and Kelly 13 September 2008

Hels & Scott - circa 1987

Scott - 13 September 2008

It's really lovely to catch up with people who form such a large part of your childhood memories and find that you still have things in common and I can't wait for our next evening out. Of course some things never change as I told my Mother I must have had 'food poisoning' when she asked me this morning why I wasn't well - 39 years of age and still refusing to admit to drinking too much the night before!


Kelly Robinson said...

I had a great night. Love the "food poisining" bit..too funny.

Anonymous said...

isnt it funny how no matter how much people may change you still recognise them the momment you make eye contact. you guys havent changed much at all,Love the big smile Kelly, Scotty said you had a great nite, sounds like you enjoyed it as well. Mark says Hey

Anonymous said...

I've got some school friends on Facebook but it doesn't seem that some of my friends have discovered Facebook yet. One is now actually not that far away from you much to my surprise and some are still in the area. I have run a mile from school reunions for fear of being judged.....not sure if I am ready for all of that but never say never!