Sunday, September 28, 2008

Falling Down

This week I have been sick. Again. Throughout winter I was doing good cold and flu wise and managed to stay bug-free until the end of winter when I caught a cold, which just wouldn't go away, and then last Tuesday at work my back starting aching and I felt shivery.

You guessed it. I had the flu!

That night I laid in bed shivering, despite it being a mild night and me having 2 blankets and a quilt on the bed, and when my teeth started chattering I knew it was going to be a long night! Sure enough an hour or so later I woke up absolutely drenched in sweat and not being completely rational I threw all the bedding, including Aaron's, to the floor as I was too hot!

To Aaron's credit he never said a word, just fetched me some water and then casually retrieved the bedding for his side of the bed. Unfortunately the hot and cold flushes continued throughout the night and for several days afterwards but they have thankfully now passed.

As anyone who has had the flu knows the best thing to do is rest, and believe me if sleeping were an Olympic sport I'd be a gold medal winner!

Prescription drugs have an amazing ability of fooling you into thinking you're a lot better than you actually are and so yesterday I made some biscuits for Aaron, which have been renamed Alien Nipples courtesy of my friend June, and some triple choc-chip cookies which I'll take to work with me tomorrow.

After all these years of cooking for one it's lovely to have someone to cook for, and work benefits as well as they get the left overs, however I definitely over did it yesterday as I feel exhausted today so I am going to rest up for the remainder of the weekend as it's back to work tomorrow.

If only this damn cough would clear up I'd be happy as my barking is worse than the dogs at the moment!

The Alien Nipple cookies

Triple choc-chip

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Demara said...

Haha LOL Alien Nipple cookies?!?!? that's hilarious! I hope you are feeling better now...