Sunday, September 21, 2008

Pretty Ones

So another weekend has passed me by and it's back to work tomorrow. Why do the hours between 5pm Friday and 5pm Sunday seem to go faster than the rest of the week...?

Yesterday morning I went to a funeral, which is never a fun thing to do but it's even harder when the person is only 43! Funerals are such strange things as the sombre mood is always contrasted with people playing catch-up with each other; lets face it, once you reach a certain age there are people that you only seem to run into at weddings or funerals.

After the funeral I was supposed to be helping Danielle pack but it was too hot and I couldn't be bothered so I offered moral support instead (in other words I sat on the lounge and watched instead of getting off my backside and helping)!

Last night I narrowly escaped being dragged along to the Monster Truck Championship, although we did check out the firework display, which was pretty cool. My friends would know that the words Carolyn and Monster Truck are not often used in the same sentence so when Aaron asked me if I'd go with him I did actually say yes, while mentally screaming noooooooooooooooo! Thankfully by the time I got home from my brothers he had another option for me... to meet his mother. I have to admit it was a toss up but in the end I went with meeting his mother over going to the Monster Trucks!

I have no idea why I've been putting it off because we got on fine (she thought I was posh, which will amuse those that know me, and said I am the best cook she's ever come across - I like the woman already). In fact we got on so well that our dinner plans were ruined as we were too busy chatting and time got away from us, but hey, that's what Macca's is for right.

And before anyone asks just because I have met Aaron's mother does not mean he is going to meet mine any time soon; either of them for that matter!

The glorious weather of the past few days will please my fur-child Sandy as she gets more walks when it's sunny and she loves going to the nearby lake to chase the seagulls and meet other pooches.

I haven't posted any pics of the fur-kids lately so here's some shots of my pretty ones:

Scoping the landscape...

Sandy girl enjoying the view

Posing for her Mama

Fat Ella having a love affair with my boots

Female's and shoes - definitely a girl thing!

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Danielle said...

Yes there was good moral support, I am planning on pulling in assistance for the unpacking. I think you're just the person for the job.