Saturday, October 18, 2008

Beautiful Colours

Today was Mason's 'Blessing' at the Nan Tien Buddhist Temple and the ceremony and afternoon tea went off without a hitch.

Having never been to the temple before I wasn't sure what to expect but the special baby blessing aims to ensure that the child begins life under the guidance of the Buddha's blessings and that they live in peace and harmony. It was such an unusual but lovely way to celebrate Mason being with us, especially after all he's had to go through with his surgeries.

After the ceremony it was back to my place for afternoon tea and it felt like Danielle and I had been cooking for days, but it was well worth the effort as nearly all the food was eaten. As well as the cooking there were streamers to decorate with, banners to put together and balloons to blow up (one of which burst on me and slapped me in the face - I wasn't impressed). By the time we'd finished the place was looking pretty good!

Of course the star of the day was the jumping castle as the kids loved it and it definitely kept them all amused.

I was a bit worried about putting Sandy on a lead as I hate tying her up but with so many young children around and me too busy in the kitchen to watch her I had no other option. Thankfully she didn't mind as she was spoilt rotten by the adults as well as the kids and she just lapped up the attention. When most of the people had left I let her off the lead and she helped clean up as she went around eating the food that was dropped on the ground, it made cleaning up so much easier!

It was a long day but a happy one, and that's what really counts.

Nan Tien Temple

Outside the Temple

Mason chewing the beads he was given during the blessing

The Monks who conducted the service

Noel, Madeleine, Mason and Danielle

Mason's Blessing certificate

Party decorations

Mason enjoying chocolate slice

Big and little kids helping to take down the jumping castle

Me and my girl!

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