Saturday, October 11, 2008

Lay Lady Lay

I think I've lost my dog! In saying that I know exactly where she is right this very second; in her kennel asleep!

What I mean is I think she has transferred her affections to someone else... Aaron!

I realise that for some time there had been an absence of testosterone in this household but the way that Sandy and Ella throw themselves at him is pathetic (and before anyone dares say it they are not mimicking my actions)!!

This week Sandy has taken to laying at Aaron's feet just gazing up at him hoping for some attention, which she always gets. Never mind me, I'm just the one who feeds, walks and plays with her, not to mention pays the vet bills!

Animals! They certainly can be fickle sometimes!

Sandy; worshipping at Aaron's feet

Lapping up the attention

Two smiling faces!

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