Sunday, October 12, 2008

Red Carpet Massacre

I went to have a look at Noel and Danielle's new house today as they picked up the keys on Friday. As this is the first home they have bought together it's very exciting, especially for Madeleine who got to choose the colour of her new bedroom!

Seeing as they had only had the keys for a day I was surprised at how much work had already been done, walls stripped of wallpaper and imperfections filled with putty, not to mention removing some of the hideous red carpet!!

I love painting so I couldn't wait to help out and I'm pleased to say we got Madeleine's room done as well as one coat on Mason's room - and my arms aren't even sore today!

Madeleine's room- before

Madeleine painting with her kid sized roller

Madeleine's room - after

Initially I was a bit worried about the colour being too dark but once the red carpet has been removed (there are gorgeous floor boards underneath), and Madeleine's white bed, desk and wardrobe are in the room it will look fantastic. Besides, every time Madeleine walked into the room and saw the colour she said 'wow, I love this room' so it already has her seal of approval!


Demara said...

I love the window in her new room! And you're right the red carpet is hideous! haha...the paint color is brighish dark, it's nice!

Anonymous said...

Hi Carolyn- Enjoyed reading the last few entries, you do have a gift for writing. My inner emotions were moved by what you write. Have a good day.