Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Zoom In

I love seeing lizards running around my garden, unfortunately I don't get that many as Sandy tries to catch (and unfortunately kill) the ones that she comes across. On Sunday morning I was tidying up the yard after Mason's Blessing the day before and spotted a little fellow sticking his head out to see if the coast was clear....

I was very patient and waited for him to stick his head out a bit further, which he did, but then Sandy scared him away again!

It seemed like I had to wait ages for him to reappear but my patience was rewarded with another appearance. For some reason he didn't seem scared of me but he was (wisely) very wary of Sandy! After a little while I went inside and I happened to glance out the window in time to see him scoot across the driveway while Sandy wasn't watching - hopefully he was off to sun himself somewhere nice!


Demara said...

He is very sly and cute looking~

Demara said...

Thanks for letting me know you read me, today. Sorry but I wanted to inform you that there's been some corrections made to the 2 reasons to read blogs, on today's post, instead of "...on this post" it should have said "...on the current post." so that's been changed now, just so you know.
I also added some things to my blog tonight, to my sidebar.