Sunday, November 30, 2008

Hold Back The Rain

This blog is a week-in-review type post as I have been so busy I haven't even had time to check my email let alone update my blog!

Last weekend I went to Madeleine's end of year dance concert, which was fabulous despite the antics of the supposedly funny MC's (rude and inappropriate humour which was just plain dull). My favourite dancers, besides Madeleine of course, are the little kids that are probably only 18 months to 2 years old - they're so cute in their little outfits looking at each other to try and work out the next dance move!

On Friday night Aaron went prawning with his mates and couldn't understand why I wasn't interested in joining them - midnight in cold water up to my armpits holding out a net??? Thanks but no thanks! Instead I stayed home where it was warm and comfy - until he got home and decided to use my body heat to warm up his cold limbs!

This morning Noel, Danielle, Madeleine and Mason dropped by for a visit so I took Mason out to play with Sandy as he seems quite interested in animals and not the least bit scared of them! I did pick up Ella so he could give her a pat but she's not the patient sort of cat and I was a bit worried she was going to swipe him, whereas Sandy is used to children and is very tolerant - she was also happy to clean up any left over food on his face (but don't tell Danielle that).

This afternoon the two girls from next door, Ashley and Elizabeth, asked me if I would give them $2 each if they washed Sandy for me. Sandy was due for a bath but the weather had been awful lately so I hadn't had a chance to do it myself so I readily agreed.

Of course dogs can always sense when something they don't want, like going to the vets or having a bath, is about to happen and they quickly disappear so it took me a little while to get Sandy on her lead.

Although Sandy doesn't like the water (yet she jumps into the lake whenever we go for a walk) she loves being brushed and towel dried so she ends up semi-enjoying the experience!

We've had rain off and on for the past few weeks so I was happy it was a beautiful sunny day as Sandy's fur takes a while to dry and she hates me using the blow drier on her!
Without warning the sky darkened and it looked like rain - and there's me with a line full of washing!

It's supposedly summer in two days time but I have my doubts about a hot Christmas this year as we haven't had any really warm weather yet, in fact it seems to rain every other day!

Ashley, Sandy and Elizabeth

A clean Sandy eating her treat

The heavens opened up

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Demara said...

Sandy looks very friendly and lovable!