Thursday, November 6, 2008

Rose Arcana

My lovely man brought me flowers last night, beautiful roses handpicked from his garden.

To most people this wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, especially to people like my work colleague Robyn who has been the recipient of many bouquets – I think she received at least 3 last Valentines Day, Aaron, however, is incredibly shy so it was a lovely surprise to receive flowers from him for no particular reason – especially as he walked across the road with them in broad daylight!

As I was looking for a vase to put the flowers in I heard a little voice from outside say “on the count of 3”, which was followed by half a dozen children, who were playing out the front of my house, yelling out “Carolyn’s got a boyfriend”. This declaration was followed by a lot of giggles and Aaron and I smiled at each other until one of them yelled out “Nice flowers, did you pick them yourself”?

I was cursing the children under my breath and assumed this was going to be the one and only time Aaron brought me flowers (my first bunch in over 8 years) but he calmly went to the door and yelled out that he was going to contact their school and have their school hours extended until 7pm! That soon made them scatter so there’s still hope that there may be more flowers in the future!

My lovely, and fragrant, roses


Demara said...

Oh that is such a delight! haha I love the way Aaron handled the crazy kids!!! And the flowers look scrumptious~

Kelly Robinson said...

How lovely!