Wednesday, December 24, 2008


I had to work a half day on Christmas Eve but like some of my work colleagues I decided to take 'my' children to work with me - in this case my niece Madeleine and my nephew Mason!

We had a bit of time to kill from when I finished work to when their parents were due to pick us up (they had to have a scan to check for spina bifida as Danielle is 16 weeks pregnant). I decided to take the kids down to a park not far from where I work and we all had fun!

Maddy used my camera to take photos of the trees

the leaves

and central train station!

I was also treated to a dance routine and some hand stands!

Very photogenic!

A gorgeous pic that maddy took of Mason!

I just love his big brown eyes!

Mason and Aunty!


Kelly Robinson said...


Demara said...

Looks like fun. "your kids" are superb!

Anonymous said...

Did you take the kids over to Belmore Park to see the local "wildlife" and their drinking habits??? :-)