Saturday, December 6, 2008


I was doing some gardening this morning and I spotted a scrappy looking birds nest in my jasmine - the main materials used seem to be twigs and the stuffing from one of Sandy's toys!

The jasmine is wound around one of the supporting posts of my undercover area so it's a strange place for a bird to make a nest, especially as Sandy spends most of her time there during the day and she chases away any bird that comes near her.

Sandy has suddenly developed a fascination for getting under the house, I'm assuming it's because it is cooler under there, and it's now an ongoing battle between the two of us as I block up the gaps under the house and then she finds a way to get back under there again! I wouldn't mind so much except for the fact that she comes out dirty, there's probably redback spiders under there and on Thursday she came out bleeding as she went head first into something, probably a nail, and has a puncture mark on her face an inch deep!

The other main problem is that while Sandy can work out a way to get under the house she can't get back out again so she gets stuck and has to spend all day there until either Aaron or I get home from work! The upside is that she hasn't been spending her days chasing birds so one of them has been able to build a nest in the jasmine!

I'm not sure whether the nest is a work in progress (it looks a bit haphazard) or it's been abandoned but I am pretty sure there aren't any eggs in it but it was too high up for me to investigate without getting on a ladder. It would be lovely to one day see some baby birds.

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