Monday, December 8, 2008

Tiger Tiger

I have been doing some work in my back garden as I'm putting in a pool - not a lovely expensive in-ground pool but a much cheaper 5m round above ground pool. The thing is regardless of the cost of the pool the council requires a specific type of pool fence - which is going to cost twice as much as the actual pool!

A few people have told me not to bother putting up the pool fence, seeing as I don't have any children, and just hope the council doesn't fine me. Knowing what we all went through, and continue to go through, losing Belle I could never knowingly choose to do something which might cause harm to someone else.

Imagine how I would feel if I came home from work and found a neighbourhood child floating face down in my pool because I chose not to put up a fence? Who could live with themselves after that?

Unfortunately the pool won't be in for Christmas as the fence has to be ordered and then council approved before the water can go in... but it's far better to be safe than sorry!

In the meantime I am clearing the area where the pool is going to go - an area used as a dumping ground by the prior owner of the property and ignored by me until now. Due to my neglect the weeds have completely taken over (which doesn't bother Sandy) and I should probably be embarrassed to post any photos of it in its current state, however I am looking forward to putting up the 'after' photos at a later date.

The back corner of my yard after day 1 of clearing the area!

Sandy investigating bugs and insects in the long grass

Sandy stalking me in the long grass

My little tiger pouncing on her prey!

After a long hard day we all need a place to hide away from it all.

Some curious bystanders watching me work away

Lizard eggs I uncovered when I was removing bricks

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Demara said...

Woweey! You have an animal habitat there! Sandy is adorable. And Belle? was that your cat? What happened to her? :(
Definitely put up the fence. I would. For all the reasons you mentioned. (:

Merry Christmas!!