Monday, January 26, 2009

All Along The Water

It's Australia Day today and although I don't normally do anything special to celebrate it I decided to tag along with Danielle and the kids as they were going to Wollongong beach to check out the Australia Day activities.

The morning started off cooler than the previous week has been (thank goodness) and it was quite overcast for most of the morning.

We parked the car nearby and caught the shuttle bus down to the beach where the fun began! Rides and stalls stretched all along the water and I couldn't believe how many people were either carrying flags or were dressed in something with the Aussie flag on it - not too mention all the face paint and temporary tattoos - very patriotic!

Madeleine braved a ride which I certainly wouldn't get on, I'm too much of a wuss, and then she had a turn on on a trampoline which she had to be harnessed into first - she's wanted to try it for ages!

There were lots of freebies too, bands to watch, sand sculpture competitions, volleyball games and dancing etc. By afternoon the sun had come back out and it was getting really hot so we decided it was time to head home to the air conditioning!

I made sure to load myself up with sunscreen before I left home but of course I forgot one spot, my neck, which is now lobster red! Thank goodness for after sun lotions!

A patriotic Mason

Beautiful Wollongong Beach

Maddy and Inari on a ride

Being strapped in

Ready to jump!

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Demara said...

Wow it looks like you have a very exciting Australia day with so many fun things to do. So fun!