Thursday, January 8, 2009

Buried in the Sand

There are new additions to the household! Felix, Fred, Ginger and Whiskey... our new goldfish! Technically there are actually 6 fish in the tank as there are two bottom feeders buried in the sand somewhere but we never really see them unless they climb on the ornaments - and they're quite little.

I've always wanted a fish tank but couldn't have one because of the cats so when the opportunity to get one with a lid came along I jumped at the chance.

Ella is very intrigued but at least the fish are safe (I hope)!

Felix and Fred

Whiskey and Ginger

An inquisitive fat Ella

Mmmmm, looks like dinner

1 comment:

Demara said...

I would think the fish would be annoying to cats because the fish are constantly moving, agonizingly tempting them with an "I betcha can't catch me?!?!" I'm sure of it.

I love the tank, the lid is gorgeous.