Monday, March 23, 2009


Every fortnight Aaron and I have lunch at my Mum's place with my brother Noel and his family.

Neither my Mum nor my stepfather are very well so they don't tend to leave the house much, which means they really look forward to our visits.

The last time we were there Mum decided she wanted Aaron to mow the lawn. Unfortunately the lawn mower hadn't been used in 18 months and no matter how much he tinkered Aaron couldn't get it to work!

My Mother always has a 'Plan B', and in this instance it was using a manual lawn mower to cut the grass!

Had the grass been shorter it might not have been a problem but the grass was too long and too spongy and it wasn't long before Aaron had to give the mower to Noel for a turn, and then vise versa!

While the boys exhausted themselves with the manual lawn mower Mason amused himself putting rocks into and out of a bucket!

Check out those gorgeous curls!

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Demara said...

hmm...that mowing didn't look fun.