Saturday, March 7, 2009


Aaron loves to go fishing, in fact he'd go fishing every day if he could! Unfortunately, a lot of the expeditions are unsuccessful, which has lead to me teasing him a bit when he comes home empty handed.

Of course I've heard all the usual excuses from the one that got away to 'it was too big and wouldn't have tasted any good so I let it go'! Yeah, I didn't believe that excuse either!

There was a big grin on Aaron's face when he returned from his last fishing trip so I knew he'd finally caught something worth eating... 4 medium sized whiting!

Not only does Aaron catch the fish he also does the cleaning and cooking - a light coat of seasoned flour and they came out soft inside and crispy outside. Delicious!

If only he was that lucky every time!

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Demara said...

Mmm...they sound yummy! Almost as good as a Creme filled donut. :)