Sunday, April 26, 2009

The Easter Show

I was looking at Danielle's blog and pictures when I realised I hadn't yet posted my pictures of our day at The Sydney Royal Easter Show!

For those of you who don't know what the show is about it's an annual event that has a lot of agricultural components plus music, performances, entertainment, sideshows, food, rides, and shopping! For kids the rides and showbags are the highlight - plus the baby animals!

Maddy brought along a friend to keep her company and to go on rides with her, which was a good move seeing as none of us grown ups are into rides!

Maddy and her friend Abby about to take off on a ride!

Mason tucking into a piece of corn (it was Danielle's but he wanted it as soon as he saw it).

Abby and Maddy decorating eggs

One of my favourite sections; the fruit and veg display

Another display made from fruit, veg, rice and grains

How cute are these guys? They made noises like a cat meowing!

Yep, that's me under the hat and glasses patting the pigs with Maddy.
Seriously, how could anyone eat these little cuties!

Noel took Mason through the petting zoo while Danielle and I took a well deserved rest (us pregnant women need to sit day occasionally). By all accounts Mason had a ball and wasn't frightened of any of the animals, including the cows - pics here

While Mason always enjoy cuddles with his Mum he was also happy to be able to walk around by himself ( he didn't realise he was attached to Noel via the cute little backpack).

I've 'borrowed' this pic from Danielle's Easter Show blog

It was a long day - we arrived at 9.30am and left at 6pm - but a fun day was had by all! By the end we'd seen the dog judging, woodchopping, the dairy pavilion, rides, the Australian Masterchef cook-off, stalls, animals and of course the showbag pavilion!

I certainly slept well that night!


Demara said...

i bet you slept well that night! I know what you mean about the pigs;)I hate eating meat for THAT very reason! but I still do eat meat, sometimes

Danielle said...

It was such a lovely day. I Really love the show. Can't wait til next year!!!