Monday, April 20, 2009

New Child Restraint Laws

Noel and Danielle Broadhead, with their children Mason and Madeleine.

Family's fight for new child restraint laws

30/03/2009 3:00:00 AM

The Broadheads' fight for new seatbelt laws, which began after the tragic death of their daughter Isabelle, may soon be victorious.

Noel and Danielle Broadhead were told by NSW Roads Minister Michael Daley on Thursday that the introduction of new child seatbelt laws was imminent.

The Broadheads have been fighting for tougher child restraint laws since three-year-old Isabelle died due to seatbelt injuries sustained in a low-speed car accident on April 13, 2006, in Mt Kembla.

The family's fight made national headlines in May 2007, when the National Transport Commission released new guidelines which, if enacted by State Governments, would force families to change the way they restrain their children.

Under the new rules, a rear-facing capsule would be required for babies up to six months old, a rearward of forward facing child seat with an in-built harness required for children from six months up to four years of age, and a booster seat for children aged between four and seven.

But almost two years after the guidelines were released, the NSW Government has failed to enact any legislation.

Mr Broadhead, of Mount St Thomas, met Mr Daley on Thursday and said he had been assured the announcement of the new laws was "imminent".

"We envisage that the legislation will be enacted this year and the promotion of the new laws will start shortly after the announcement," he said. "But people don't have to wait for the laws to act on them, they can go out straight away and make the children safer."

Mr Broadhead said the pain of losing Isabelle was still raw.

"We think her short life will have an impact on other families and children for who knows how long. The positive out of her life is greater than what most people can expect to achieve in a full life," he said.

Mrs Broadhead said she would continue to monitor the Government's efforts.

"For us the aim will be to make sure that (the Government) stay on track and that it doesn't become something that drags on," she said.

Mr Daley described the Broadheads as "admirable ambassadors of child restraint safety" and said he would be working with them to promote the new child restraint laws.

A guide to helping parents choose the right restraints is available from the RTA on 132 213 or via their website.

Original article from The Illawarra Mercury


Demara said...

WOW! Carolyn I had no idea. :'( i sad. YOU KNOW? those child restrait laws you mentioned are in EFFECT here now! I'm glad I'm not 4 feet tall (i'm 5 feet) because then I may need to sit in a booster seat!

I think our laws here as of last year, in British Columbia Canada near Seattle Washington, requires you be in a booster seat if under 4 feet tall and a car seat till 3 years old. rear facing till 1 years old. Crazy eh?

I'm glad some effort and action is being placed on this there for you now too!!

so sorry for your loss...

Demara said...

tag. you're it!

Anonymous said...

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