Monday, May 25, 2009

On the Move!

Once we knew a little person was going to join us Aaron and I decided it was time to sell the house to buy something more suitable. As housing prices are low at the moment it means we can afford to buy a house in an area that would have previously been way out of our budget.

We spent a few weekends painting the kitchen, bathroom and guest bedroom, plus we ordered a skip and removed building materials that the previous owner had left behind in the back yard. By the time we had finished our de-clutter and paint jobs I was regretting the fact that I hadn't put in the effort earlier - all that hard work for someone else to enjoy!!
Still, it was worth it as the house sold within 6 days of being on the market - a lot quicker than we anticipated.

The front yard after the gardens had been weeded and tidied

The main bedroom

The guest bedroom when I bought the house

The guest bedroom after we'd repainted it... why did I wait so long to do it!

The back yard when I moved in... what's with all the ugly sheds???

The back yard as it is now, minus a few sheds and some gardens in place - much better!

We spent a few busy weekends getting the house ready for sale but we certainly learnt a lesson, and if our next house needs painting we'll do it straight away so that we get to enjoy it!

Now all we have to do is find our new home!

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Demara said...

no wonder it sold in 6 days! looks nice. I especially like the color of the guest rooms paint!

i can't wait to see your new place.