Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Adios Amigos

Last Friday was my last day at work for some time as I found the 5 hour daily commute was wearing me out! Luckily I have holiday leave due to me as well as long service leave so I will be taking that before my maternity leave commences.

My lovely colleagues organised a morning tea on my last day, which wasn't quite as embarrassing as I had expected it to be, and there was also a final lunch with friends - on top of the more formal lunch the day before! There were lots of lunch-dates in my last week!

Aaron and I were given a very generous gift voucher to use on the baby so we have already decided on a cot mattress, change table topper, nappies and baby wipes! It was very much appreciated.

Sue, me and Chris

with Bradley

me and Robyn

Corinne, June and myself

Simon, me, Chris, Lauraine, Brad, Kris and June

Simon, me, Chris, Lauraine, Brad, kris and Corinne

It was a very strange feeling not having to get up for work on Monday morning, however I didn't have time to dwell on it as my sister in law went into labour with the newest member of our family. But for that news you'll need to read the next post!


Demara said... was nice to see you.

k off to read the next post...

Anonymous said...

Please send emergency supplies!!!!
Mars bar bisuits, M&M biscuits, anzacs, anything!

Although, have lost weight since you left..........

Hope all is well!