Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Last night we went looking for Ella as it was time to go to bed and she was nowhere to be found. Bearing in mind the fact that Ella is an indoors cat and you'll realise there aren't that many places for her to hide.

During the day Ella normally sleeps on a dining chair soaking up the sun that streams through the dining room window and at night she always sleeps at the foot of our bed.

My vet has always been against this idea and over the years I have bought Ella many cat beds, which I have tried to coax her into using, with no luck. No matter how many times I would leave her in the lounge room I would always wake up the next morning to discover that she'd crept onto the bed during the night. Eventually I decided it was easier to let her be...

Last night I started to worry when I couldn't find her and I wondered whether she'd snuck out the door without one of us seeing her, highly unlikely as it was really cold outside and she's never tried to get out before.

Aaron told me I was worrying for nothing and she'd turn up once we went to bed. He was right! As soon as Aaron got into bed he found Ella... snuggled underneath the blankets obviously enjoying the warmth of electric blanket that I'd turned on earlier!

Well, it was a cold night after all.

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Demara said...

your bed looks cozy! No wonder Ella was hiding out there. :) Our bdrm's off limits to the cats, so they have always slept around the house...they have a fav. pillow and cracker box that they share.