Thursday, June 4, 2009

Oliver Wendell Broadhead

Meet my lovely little nephew Oliver Wendell, who was born yesterday afternoon around 4.30pm (and weighed around 8.6 pounds). These photos were taken when he was less than 2 hours old - and he already looks cute!

Just like Danielle's pregnancy with Isabelle the contractions were coming and going for several days and we thought he was going to be born on Monday or Tuesday, but no, he held off 'til Wednesday! Even though she can't be with us physically the similarity in labours made it feel like Belle was included!

Despite Madeleine, Isabelle and Mason being born with very dark hair, which went blonde later, Oliver is a blondie from birth, which was a surprise to us all.

Big sister Madeleine having a cuddle

Madeleine and Mason opening up their big-sister and big-brother presents!

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Demara said...

I LOVE Maddy's dress! It looks nice and cool and great for the summer.

WELCOME to the world Oliver!!

Congrats on the new Nephew Carolyn :D pretty soon you'll be seeing one of those little cuddle bugs in your arms, eh?