Monday, July 13, 2009

8 months down, 2(ish) to go!

For the past few months I've had to listen to a lot of 'you don't look pregnant' (in other words you just look fat) comments so here is evidence that the bump is actually a baby and not a load of Big Macs!

At my last visit to the obstetrician the midwife was unhappy with my blood pressure and lack of weight gain, which was due to having a virus and the stress of waiting to find out if our loan had been approved.

I received a phone call this morning to say the loan application had received final approval (after ditching the broker and dealing with the bank myself) so when I went for my fortnightly obstetric appointment this afternoon I was pleased that my blood pressure had dropped - and I'd even put on 2 kilos!

It's typical of all things me that 12 months before I fell pregnant I joined weight watchers and lost over 13 kilos and now when I need to put on weight it's actually been difficult! Of course if all I had to do was eat chocolate I'm sure I could manage easily but in these last few weeks bumpy really needs fruit, vegetables, protein, dairy and grains - and it's not easy to fit them all in when she's pressing on my stomach. As for heartburn... let's not even go there!

Having lacked motivation I finally got stuck into the packing, we're only 2 weeks away from our moving out date, and I managed to get quite a bit done over the weekend, which I was pleased about. I also decided it was time for a de-clutter so my Dad took a load of unwanted books and other bits and pieces to the op-shop. There's still a lot to do but at least I'm making headway.

It's been frustrating that the process has been delayed by the broker I was using (who had my paperwork over 6 weeks ago) , especially as I sold my house quickly and found the new home just as quick. The whole process should have been much easier, however at least it's all sorted out now. I've been given so many beautiful things and I really just want to get in to the new house and organise the nursery.

I can't help feeling Belle has been sprinkling some angel dust over me as my previous property was on the market for almost 14 months, with no offers, and the day I received a phone call to say an offer had come in was the day after Belle's accident. On Belle's birthday last Tuesday the bank rang to say pre-approval had been granted on my loan - pending a valuation of the property which was completed and finalised this morning - and after less than 24 hours of the application being lodged. Coincidence? I don't think so.

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