Thursday, July 9, 2009

Belle's 7th Birthday

Last Tuesday we went to Taronga Zoo as it would have been Isabelle's 7th birthday. It's much better to be out doing something she would have enjoyed rather than sitting at home thinking about all the reasons why it's not fair that she's no longer with us.

It was a beautiful sunny morning when we left Wollongong but the closer we got to Sydney the more it looked like rain so I was hoping it wasn't going to be a miserable day.

It's tricky picking the right time to go to the zoo as there are way too many people in summer - and the animals tend to hide away to get relief from the sun - and the same can be said for a cold winter's day - the animals hide in their dens to keep warm!

We ended up being lucky as the rain held out until we were walking to the exit and although it was pretty brisk most of the animals were out of the enclosures enjoying what little sun there was.

Miss Madeleine with her Francois Langur mask!

One of my favourite animals!

The baby already has half a dozen toy giraffes but we still managed
to buy another one in the gift shop on our way out!

The snow leopard's were hard to spot as they were sunning themselves
on rocks right at the top of their enclosure. They really are beautiful creatures.

Unfortunately I didn't get any decent shots of the tiger (and I really had issues with the size of his enclosure) but Mason was very impressed with him and told us afterwards that tigers go 'Raaar'.

A Malayan Tapir - I don't think I've seen one of these fellas before but he is definitely unusual.

Maddy is clearly camera shy!

We stumbled into a seal training session, which was great to watch, but I have to confess Madeleine took much better photos than I did. I came home with a load of photos that amounted to little more than a splash in the water whereas Maddy has some great action shot of the seals jumping to get their treat. She has a good eye for photography, and a great sense of timing so we may have a budding photographer in the family.

A cute little pygmy hippo

The Meercats; my other favourite animal!

As well as a toy giraffe we also managed to come home with a toy meercat!

The first time we walked past the elephant enclosure it was empty but once the sun came out so did the elephants. It was hard to get good photos as everyone was keen to take a look at the new born male elephant, who was less than a week old when we were there.

Here's the baby! The Taronga Zoo website has a video, which is really cool,
and it's where this pic came from.


Noel, Maddy and Mason

A pride of lions; all snuggled up together

The mountain goats have one of the best views of Sydney Harbour; not that they care!

I was supposed to be helping Danielle by burping Oliver but as soon as I
picked him up he put his head on my shoulder and went to sleep!

The view of Sydney Harbour from Taronga Zoo.

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Demara said...

nice trip to the zoo
i love that baby restin on your shoulder
theres nothing more peaceful than looking at a sleeping baby, is there?

i have to apologize.
i really want to stay up to date with you. but now that i switched to USING google reader it's hard to stay up to date with all my subscriptions. I just have so many people that update their blogs reg. and i can't read em all .

but i really want to read yours. i wonder if theres anyway to put them in a certain order so all your favourites come up first? hmmm...