Thursday, July 30, 2009

The New House

This is the new house! Yep, we've finally moved. Last Friday we brought a few things over to the new place - stuff that is awkward to pack like pictures and lamps etc - and then on Saturday the removalists brought the rest.

Aaron was a bit concerned about how much it cost but it was worth it to have it all done so quickly; they arrived just after 8am and were finished just before 12. The idea of hiring a truck or using a friend's ute and taking two days to do it all ourselves didn't appeal to me at all!

I was lucky that I had a lot of help in regards to cleaning the old house as I'm not supposed to be breathing in the chemicals used in most of the cleaners.

The toughest thing about the move was lack of internet for a whole week - it almost drove me mad! Once I did get back online I had over 200 emails, which I'm still reading through.

So here's some pics of the new house that have been taken from the real estate web site:

The back decking

I've had breakfast outside every morning with Sandy laying at my feet

The lounge room

We actually bought the lounge off the previous owner; very comfy!

The main bedroom

The second bedroom; which is now the baby's room.
Pics will follow once the room is finished!

The kitchen; finally I have cupboard space

The dining room

The bathroom

The second living area; a great space for kids to play in!

And finally the latest 'bump' picture of me! This was taken almost two weeks ago when I was 32 weeks pregnant - I'm now 34 so the due date is fast approaching!


Demara said...

you dont look that pregnant in the picture.

excited for you!

love love love your new place!!!!

Bonnie said...

cute house ! can't wait to see what it looks like with your stuff in it ! especially the babies room ! how fun ! not long to go now ...