Monday, August 24, 2009

The Nursery

Tomorrow night I am being admitted to hospital to be given a gel
to induce labour -
our little girl should arrive some time on Wednesday!

Aaron and I are both really nervous about the delivery,
in fact I've been doing everything I can to not think about the actual birth,
but I am SO looking forward to meeting my daughter.

As promised here are some pictures of our nursery:

We're very fortunate as my friend Bel loaned us a cot

The change table was also given to us - not to mention
all the blankets and wraps that are on the bottom shelf
and the bibs and singlets on the second shelf!

Yes, we are incredibly luckily.

Seeing as we've just moved into the house I really don't have the energy
for re-painting so we're using pink accessories
to make up for the blue walls.

While we haven't gone with a theme for the room there is a lot of
Winnie the Pooh (a favourite of mine for years)
and fairies to make it more girly!

Over the years I have made lots of cross stitch pictures for
other people
so it's nice to finally make some for myself!

I'm also loving the wallpaper fairies that we've used in the room!

Another favourite thing; fairy lights around the window!

So that's our nursery!
Hopefully my next post will contain pictures of our baby girl!

I'll be back in a week or so.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Front

Our backyard and deck area is already looking fantastic,
the front yard, however is a different story!

After a little bit of encouragement
(and no, that's not another word for nagging),
Aaron decided it was time to start work in the front yard.

'Shady Lady' - a white Protea

A Grevillea; an Australian native
This time we chose a Grevillea native to the Illawarra, where we live

The birds love Grevillea's but I love the flowers

Afternoon Tea

We had a picnic afternoon tea yesterday, in Noel and Danielle's backyard! This has been a very mild winter so we've all been making the most of the fabulous sunshine!

There were a few reasons for the afternoon tea, my 40th birthday was on Thursday and while I'm actually feeling more beached-whale than beach babe I did declare myself forty, foxy and fabulous - not sure anyone actually believed me though!

Madeleine was making a birthday cake to bring to the shower so we had that at the afternoon tea instead - a very scrummy chocolate mud cake! Maddy is the budding chef in the family and she is already pretty skilled in the kitchen!

The other reason for the afternoon tea is that Danielle has a friend, Sheye, who also lost her daughter in tragic circumstances and yesterday should have been Ava's sixth birthday.

Miss Madeleine - who will be 11 on Friday!

Fairy cupcakes for Ava

Mason - who is the spitting image of Danielle's father Frank!

Maddy cutting up the chocolate cake - and being
busted licking her fingers as she does it!

Me and sweet little Oliver, such a lovely placid baby! Oliver is about 10 weeks old now and I have to say he's not hard to spend time with as he really enjoys a cuddle!

Danielle was given a new camera for her birthday, which I'm pleased about as she'll be able to take lots of great photos of our little girl once she makes her arrival! These pics were taken by either Noel or Danielle and I've just 'borrowed' them!

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Nature

I love my garden.
I find it very peaceful to sit outside with a cuppa
watching the birds and butterflies flit from plant to plant.

I also really love watching bulbs that
I have planted start to poke their heads up from the soil.

It starts off with a tiny
sliver of green poking up from the ground
and day by day it grows taller and stronger.

The bulbs should be at least a few inches under the soil
but the dog tends to bury her bones anywhere she sees dirt
so I'm lucky they grow at all as she frequently disturbs them!

These four are tulips

My old wheelbarrow has daffodils, jonquils, mini hyacinths,
freesia's and iris's growing in it.

Pretty freesia's

Delicate little miniature hyacinths

The (almost) Baby Shower

I was meant to be having my Baby Shower tomorrow but due to circumstances beyond my control it has been cancelled.

Seeing as I had already spent a lot of time and effort - not to mention money - organising and decorating our back deck it seemed a waste to pop the balloons and throw the decorations in the bin without them being seen by anyone so I decided to have a 'cyber' shower with you all instead!

I got these decorations from a really cool online
shop called The Baby Shower Shop

I think it's pretty clear that we're having a girl!

I also had an 'advice book' for people to write it, which is pretty
empty at the moment so I think I'll take it to the hospital with
me and visitors can write in it then!

The table confetti is made up of baby bottles, hearts and nursery pictures.

No baby shower is complete without prizes for the winner of the
games and here we have 'bun in the oven' scented candles
and 'a star is born' cookie cutters!

Gift bags for the attendees - which I'll probably post out to people!

Inside the gift bags - a bag of popcorn with a picture of me on it that
says 'Ready to Pop,' a 'baby girl' wrapped mint and what else but jelly babies!

So there we have it; the Baby Shower that never was! I think the back deck looked pretty despite no one else seeing it but me! Danielle had already bought the ingredients for the desserts so we're going to have an afternoon tea today anyway (complete with pink cup cakes) and Aaron won't complain about all the extra food in the house - I'm sure it won't take him long to polish it all off (if my pregnancy cravings don't get there first).

Friday, August 21, 2009


There are quite a few things about pregnancy that I won't miss after the baby is born;
the many trips to the toilet, especially in the middle of the night,
the vagueness that accompanies baby-brain,
hip pain due to the joints relaxing in preparation of delivery,
but the most annoying one of all is
the pregnancy-induced clumsiness that has affected me the last few months!

As I am meant to be resting I haven't been doing much
except sitting on the deck admiring the garden.

I decided to move a potted orchid to a better position
in the yard and the pot just slipped straight out of my hands.


I think this is a rock orchid, it was given to me so I'm not sure.

The flowers are only little but they're very pretty

Another gift!

One day I would like to add some of the brighter coloured orchids
to the garden
, but for the time being these will do!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Not Long Now...

So we're now on the home stretch and our little one could make an appearance at any time... hopefully not until at least next week as I'm only 37 weeks and an extra week will make a lot of difference!

I'm still sending my Obstetrician my daily blood pressure readings and they're starting to creep up again so just in case he decides that bumpy needs to make an early arrival I decided it was a good idea to get the cradle ready!

How pretty is this cradle!

Aaron and I are incredibly fortunate as friends and family have loaned/given us almost everything that we will need for the baby - from the cot, cradle, pram, high chair... even the bottle steriliser! We've also been given bags of clothes from size 0000 right up to size 3, which have been washed and stored in the wardrobe for later use.

The nursery is almost complete as we've now hung pictures and put up a fairy border but there's a couple more things to do and then I'll post some pictures.

I decided I should finish packing my bag for hospital, so I did that today, as much as I could anyway as I'm still wearing some of the clothes I'll need to take to hospital.

Now we wait.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Bed Rest

On Monday I went to see my Obstetrician for my weekly visit only to be sent to hospital for two days bed rest as my blood pressure was really high!

It came as a bit of a shock as we'd had a good weekend and I wasn't stressed about anything - until I was told to go home, pack a bag and go to the hospital!

On Saturday we'd had visitors so we took them down to Shellharbour and had a lovely relaxing seafood lunch by the water, followed by a trip to the nursery where we stocked up on plants that we intend to put in the garden.

The idea of actually getting rest in hospital, especially when you're on four-hourly observation, seems a bit unlikely. It's hard to sleep with new born babies crying, people buzzing the nurses and being woken up to have your blood pressure taken! Despite all the distractions my blood pressure did come down while I was in hospital, which surprised me but I guess when all you're doing is laying around reading and flicking through magazines there's not a lot to be stressed about!

This baby isn't very cooperative as she's been in awkward positions for every scan that I've had - including last week when I was unable to get any 3D pictures as she wasn't in the right position! You only get the opportunity to get the 3D pictures once so we've missed out on that one - boy is she going to hear about this as she's growing up! One of the nurses decided to 'wake' the baby as she seemed to have been sleeping for a long time, which meant there wasn't a lot of variation on the fetal monitor. After one little kick she went back to sleep so they tried again - again nothing! As a last resort they made me drink a glass of iced water, which resulted in one little wiggle and then back to sleep. I guess she's on 'bed rest' too!

Anyone that knows me well would know that I am the last person to flash my flesh, however I have been told many, many times that my bump isn't big enough so here is the evidence that I do have a proper baby bump! I have to say it was a pain being hooked up to the fetal monitor 3 times a day as I had to hold one of the straps in place - for 30 - 40 minutes at a time - my fingers kept going numb!

After debating whether to keep me in for a bit longer I was finally allowed home, as long as I take blood pressure medication and email my obstetrician my blood pressure results - which I have to take 4 times a day!

While I was in hospital Aaron started work on the back yard as he wanted me to have a surprise when I got home.

This is what the back fence area looked like when I went to hospital

This is what it looks like now!

We now have tomatoes and beans growing in the old laundry tub
and Australian natives like grevillea's in the corner

Along the back fence there are more Australian natives such as Geraldton Wax, bottle brush and banksia along with some proteas, which aren't native to Australia but are similar so we hope we don't have any problems growing them!

This is one of my favourites, it's a native called Featherhead
and should look fantastic once it has grown some more

This is my contribution to the garden - the herb pots!