Sunday, August 23, 2009

Afternoon Tea

We had a picnic afternoon tea yesterday, in Noel and Danielle's backyard! This has been a very mild winter so we've all been making the most of the fabulous sunshine!

There were a few reasons for the afternoon tea, my 40th birthday was on Thursday and while I'm actually feeling more beached-whale than beach babe I did declare myself forty, foxy and fabulous - not sure anyone actually believed me though!

Madeleine was making a birthday cake to bring to the shower so we had that at the afternoon tea instead - a very scrummy chocolate mud cake! Maddy is the budding chef in the family and she is already pretty skilled in the kitchen!

The other reason for the afternoon tea is that Danielle has a friend, Sheye, who also lost her daughter in tragic circumstances and yesterday should have been Ava's sixth birthday.

Miss Madeleine - who will be 11 on Friday!

Fairy cupcakes for Ava

Mason - who is the spitting image of Danielle's father Frank!

Maddy cutting up the chocolate cake - and being
busted licking her fingers as she does it!

Me and sweet little Oliver, such a lovely placid baby! Oliver is about 10 weeks old now and I have to say he's not hard to spend time with as he really enjoys a cuddle!

Danielle was given a new camera for her birthday, which I'm pleased about as she'll be able to take lots of great photos of our little girl once she makes her arrival! These pics were taken by either Noel or Danielle and I've just 'borrowed' them!


Demara said...

I LOVE Maddy's dress!!!

If you can wear that kind of dress in your Winters, man!, I'm going to go there to retire...ha.

And those fairy cupcakes look heavenly. Do you have any left? lol JK

I'd love a good snuggle too :) You wanna snuggle me? lol again JK nice pictures. I think the cupcake one's my favourite!!!

OH and HAPPY 40th!
so many birthdays in your neck of the woods eh? happy celebrating!

Danielle said...

It was a lovely afternoon tea.

I'm glad we got to give you a birthday cake!!!!

The fairy cakes just right for the two special girls. Can't wait to meet one of them this week.

So going to spoil my niece.