Saturday, August 22, 2009

The (almost) Baby Shower

I was meant to be having my Baby Shower tomorrow but due to circumstances beyond my control it has been cancelled.

Seeing as I had already spent a lot of time and effort - not to mention money - organising and decorating our back deck it seemed a waste to pop the balloons and throw the decorations in the bin without them being seen by anyone so I decided to have a 'cyber' shower with you all instead!

I got these decorations from a really cool online
shop called The Baby Shower Shop

I think it's pretty clear that we're having a girl!

I also had an 'advice book' for people to write it, which is pretty
empty at the moment so I think I'll take it to the hospital with
me and visitors can write in it then!

The table confetti is made up of baby bottles, hearts and nursery pictures.

No baby shower is complete without prizes for the winner of the
games and here we have 'bun in the oven' scented candles
and 'a star is born' cookie cutters!

Gift bags for the attendees - which I'll probably post out to people!

Inside the gift bags - a bag of popcorn with a picture of me on it that
says 'Ready to Pop,' a 'baby girl' wrapped mint and what else but jelly babies!

So there we have it; the Baby Shower that never was! I think the back deck looked pretty despite no one else seeing it but me! Danielle had already bought the ingredients for the desserts so we're going to have an afternoon tea today anyway (complete with pink cup cakes) and Aaron won't complain about all the extra food in the house - I'm sure it won't take him long to polish it all off (if my pregnancy cravings don't get there first).


Demara said...

Aw THX that was really cool! Too bad something happened and the shower was cancelled...what happened? can I ask.

Wish I could have actually been there in your backyard...chit chatting with seem like a great person to sit down to have a cup of tea with :) Take Care Carolyn...

I can't wait to meet HER!

Carolyn said...

I'm going into hospital on Tuesday night and bubba should be here sometime on Wednesday... my blood pressure has been incredibly high (170/102) so my OB has decided this is best for me and bubs.

Some of my friends thought it would be best if the baby shower was cancelled in case it was too stressful for me so the decision was taken out of my hands.