Saturday, August 22, 2009

Beautiful Nature

I love my garden.
I find it very peaceful to sit outside with a cuppa
watching the birds and butterflies flit from plant to plant.

I also really love watching bulbs that
I have planted start to poke their heads up from the soil.

It starts off with a tiny
sliver of green poking up from the ground
and day by day it grows taller and stronger.

The bulbs should be at least a few inches under the soil
but the dog tends to bury her bones anywhere she sees dirt
so I'm lucky they grow at all as she frequently disturbs them!

These four are tulips

My old wheelbarrow has daffodils, jonquils, mini hyacinths,
freesia's and iris's growing in it.

Pretty freesia's

Delicate little miniature hyacinths

1 comment:

Demara said...

aw I love those freesias, never seen them before I don't think. beautiful.