Monday, August 24, 2009

The Nursery

Tomorrow night I am being admitted to hospital to be given a gel
to induce labour -
our little girl should arrive some time on Wednesday!

Aaron and I are both really nervous about the delivery,
in fact I've been doing everything I can to not think about the actual birth,
but I am SO looking forward to meeting my daughter.

As promised here are some pictures of our nursery:

We're very fortunate as my friend Bel loaned us a cot

The change table was also given to us - not to mention
all the blankets and wraps that are on the bottom shelf
and the bibs and singlets on the second shelf!

Yes, we are incredibly luckily.

Seeing as we've just moved into the house I really don't have the energy
for re-painting so we're using pink accessories
to make up for the blue walls.

While we haven't gone with a theme for the room there is a lot of
Winnie the Pooh (a favourite of mine for years)
and fairies to make it more girly!

Over the years I have made lots of cross stitch pictures for
other people
so it's nice to finally make some for myself!

I'm also loving the wallpaper fairies that we've used in the room!

Another favourite thing; fairy lights around the window!

So that's our nursery!
Hopefully my next post will contain pictures of our baby girl!

I'll be back in a week or so.


Demara said...

the fairys are a very nice girly touch...they remind me of beautiful balerina dresses. you'll be induced and delivering on our Tuesday?!?!?! So exciting. can't wait :)

Demara said...

I just came in to look around and see that you've changed things up! When did you do THIS? I love seeing the's totally different...maybe you aren't done with it, or maybe you are, either way I hope you're having fun with it :) I know I would be!!!

Carolyn said...

This is the problem with being ordered to rest; I'm bored! I decided it was time for a change to the layout.

I'm almost done, just trying to work out how to put a border around my pictures...

Joyce said...

I'm sure the day ahead is scary and exciting all into one, but after all the wait you will be looking soon into the eyes of your daughter and falling in love all over again. Many blessings my friend. xoxo