Friday, August 21, 2009


There are quite a few things about pregnancy that I won't miss after the baby is born;
the many trips to the toilet, especially in the middle of the night,
the vagueness that accompanies baby-brain,
hip pain due to the joints relaxing in preparation of delivery,
but the most annoying one of all is
the pregnancy-induced clumsiness that has affected me the last few months!

As I am meant to be resting I haven't been doing much
except sitting on the deck admiring the garden.

I decided to move a potted orchid to a better position
in the yard and the pot just slipped straight out of my hands.


I think this is a rock orchid, it was given to me so I'm not sure.

The flowers are only little but they're very pretty

Another gift!

One day I would like to add some of the brighter coloured orchids
to the garden
, but for the time being these will do!

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