Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Annabelle's Arrival

I did say several weeks ago that when I had the chance I would post some pictures of the day Annabelle arrived - finally here they are!

Me & Maddy - just before I went into hospital

the fetal monitor

Tired already - and there's still a long way to go!

Some people laboured easier than others!

A reassuring sight - gown and nappy laid out ready

Here she is - with a nice 'bun' on her head
courtesy of the vacuum extraction!

cutting the cord

being weighed

Our first family photo

A very proud Daddy!

Our birthing 'coach' - Aunty Danielle & Annabelle

Maddy meeting her cousin for the first time!

Maddy, Annabelle & Oliver - when I look at this picture I can see
just how much the jaundice affected Annabelle's colouring!

Day 8, our last day in hospital

Packed up & ready to go home!

Home at last!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Red Red Sky

Last Wednesday Sydneysiders  (and those of us an hour or so outside of Sydney) woke to a red dawn unlike anything seen before by residents as a thick dust cloud covered half of New South Wales.

Apparently the dust plume stretched 600 kilometres  dumping up to 75,000 tonnes of dust per hour into the Tasman Sea.

Initially the dust cloud was a crimson red about dawn turning orange and then yellow before morphing into a thick grey colour. I was feeding Annabelle when I first noticed the reddish colour streaming through the blinds but by the time I had finished with her feed the colour had already turned to grey.

I know a lot of people thought the day had an eerie vibe to it but I was more concerned with the clean up - everything had to be scrubbed to get the red dirt off it - the letter box, verandah,outdoor setting - even the plants were covered! I'm just glad I brought the washing in the night before!

 The Opera House

The Harbour Bridge

Bondi Beach

the view from my front verandah around 9 am

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sleep Deprived

Our little girl is now 3 weeks old, as of today! Unfortunately she's been having problems with colic so our lack of sleep continues, hopefully not for too much longer!

Annabelle's jaundice is now gone and as a result of her not being so sleepy now she is starting to drink more at each feed - initially it was a real battle to get her to feed as the jaundice made her sleep all the time.

Unfortunately my milk never came in properly, despite being put on medication, so feeding time is a bit of a lengthy process as I start by breast feeding then I give Annabelle breast milk that I have expressed after her last feed and then she is given a top up bottle of formula! After the feed is finished and Annabelle is settled I then have to express milk for the next feed, sometimes I only just finish and it's time for her next feed!

I'm disappointed that I can't just breast feed Annabelle, as that is what I had planned on doing, but I think in the next few weeks she will have to be fed by bottle alone as the feeding process is wearing me out - and I'm tired enough as it is! For me the main thing is that Annabelle is given the best start possible as she is such a tiny little thing so I'm pleased that she has been given some breast milk as it does contain antibodies and proteins that are really beneficial for newborns.

Our weather on the weekend was really warm for this time of year so we spent a lot of time outside - perfect for shorts and t-shirts! Luckily I have bought Annabelle a couple of outfits for premature babies as nothing fitted - even clothes for newborns are too big.

Our skinny minny girl!
Just to put into perspective how little she actually is here is Annabelle having a cuddle with her Nanna Hellen:
Look at those scrawny arms and legs -
we're working on building them up!
I have the child and health nurse coming tomorrow for a further check up so I will know if Annabelle has gained weight this week - last week she had put on 300 grams in 7 days which is good.
I will keep you all posted!

Friday, September 11, 2009

Father's Day

Last Sunday was Father's Day here in Australia so we decided it was a good excuse to fire up the new barbecue and celebrate with our family. Aaron's Dad and brothers came along as did both of my sets of parents and we had a lovely relaxing day lazing around our back deck.

Despite not having left the house since I got home from hospital I managed to sneak out (while Mum looked after the baby) just long enough to buy a father's Day card, a photo frame and order a copy of this photo to put in the frame:

Aaron was very happy when he woke up and had a present from Annabelle - he particularly liked her hand print on the card, which wasn't easy to do as I traced around her hand when she was sleeping!

Finally a family shot!
Annabelle is still quite little so my sister in law Diana sent over a couple of 00000 outfits but even they're slightly too big, although they should fit properly soon.
Yesterday the child and family nurse came for a home visit and she was happy with Annabelle's progress - so far she has grown 2cm and in the week that I've been home from the hospital she has gained 300 grams. So far so good!
Too little for 00000 outfits!
I still plan on writing a blog about the day Annabelle was born but I'm waiting until I see Danielle as she took the photos for me.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Introducing Annabelle

Introducing my lovely daughter Annabelle Suellen Watson:


Annabelle was born on 26 August 2009 at 5.32pm and weighed 2710 grams (5.9 pounds)!

We only came home from the hospital today so there's lots to be done, including trying to squeeze in a nap, so I shall post more pictures and info later!