Friday, September 11, 2009

Father's Day

Last Sunday was Father's Day here in Australia so we decided it was a good excuse to fire up the new barbecue and celebrate with our family. Aaron's Dad and brothers came along as did both of my sets of parents and we had a lovely relaxing day lazing around our back deck.

Despite not having left the house since I got home from hospital I managed to sneak out (while Mum looked after the baby) just long enough to buy a father's Day card, a photo frame and order a copy of this photo to put in the frame:

Aaron was very happy when he woke up and had a present from Annabelle - he particularly liked her hand print on the card, which wasn't easy to do as I traced around her hand when she was sleeping!

Finally a family shot!
Annabelle is still quite little so my sister in law Diana sent over a couple of 00000 outfits but even they're slightly too big, although they should fit properly soon.
Yesterday the child and family nurse came for a home visit and she was happy with Annabelle's progress - so far she has grown 2cm and in the week that I've been home from the hospital she has gained 300 grams. So far so good!
Too little for 00000 outfits!
I still plan on writing a blog about the day Annabelle was born but I'm waiting until I see Danielle as she took the photos for me.

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Demara said...

Oh Carolyn she IS too beautiful for words!!! Your family is just perfect.