Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Mr Mum

I was recently out of action for a few days, due to a stomach bug, so Aaron was left with the job of looking after Annabelle.

As lovely as our girl is she doesn't sleep very much due to a combination of colic and reflux - and she spends a lot of the day crying. The paediatrician has just put Annabelle on medication for the reflux and the colic should pass within the next few months so I know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

For Aaron it was baptism of fire as he's never had to do a night feed before - and Annabelle is on a 3-hourly cycle - and he'd only ever changed one or two nappies! There were several times that Aaron brought Annabelle in to me complaining that he couldn't get her to sleep or that she wouldn't stop crying (and he was so tired).

At one point I heard the volume of the TV getting louder and louder and I realised Aaron was turning it up as he couldn't hear his fishing show over the sound of the baby. There were times that I really wanted to take Annabelle off him, just to give her a cuddle or try and comfort her, but I didn't want her to get my bug as she's so tiny she would have ended up in hospital.

Despite being exhausted after his 2 days of being Mr Mum he actually looked forward to returning to work, he said manual labour was easier than looking after a baby. 

I have to say it was really difficult to stay away from my own baby, especially when she was in the same house as me but Aaron did a pretty good job - he even changed all the dirty nappies without complaining! 

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Demara said...

Love the picture! And I can only imagine what my man would be like in that situation...

Anabelle is still SUPER adorable! You're going to have fun when she gets older. hehe :)